Mooned For Rebuttal

The Nate Silver Saga: Fundamentals

Or: What's the situation?

Everyone's "favorite" burrito-rater Nate Silver has been pitching a fit over the last few days on Twitter, mostly because of this HuffPost article accusing him of skewing things in Trump's direction. I don't think it's that bad, but Nate's work is pretty subpar in my view. In this and maybe subsequent posts, . . .

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November 06, 2016

The Moonifesto

What the hell is the point of all of this?

Mooned for Rebuttal is a blog about principles.

Sort of.

Some background:

  • The author of this blog has spent an inordinate amount of time on the Internet complaining about the state of baseball analysis, but never in a form longer than 140 characters at a time. The end result: a continual feeling of "God . . .

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October 08, 2016

"Multiple Sources Say..."

Or: Work Ethic & Fantasy Sports

Today on Rotographs, Fangraphs writer Brad Johnson presented his thoughts on the fantasy values and possible lineups of the 2016 Phillies. At first glance, it's a normal article with normal takes and normal commentary on why Peter Bourjos is an intriguing possibility in centerfield.

About halfway through, though, Johnson's . . .

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January 20, 2016


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